As long as I remember I always had been a visual kind of person.  The very first time I realised this was when my father gifted me with a single-lens reflex camera for my Abitur. Back then of course it still was an enchanting “old-fashioned” analogue one. With this camera I suddenly was able not only to just snap a shot like with the family’s simple point-and-shoot camera. I got quite a lot more possibilities and realised the difference to real photography. All of a sudden I was able to express the world the way I saw it.  For many years photography was a hobby besides my longtime job as a secretary in a big group corporation, which took up more and more time in my life.  After working in an office for about 27 years I finally decided to take the chance and follow all those signs out of the office and into self-employment.

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© Maria Heuwing - February 2018
Photo: Michael Rother
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